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How to Find the Right Supplement for You

SunDita® offers a wonderful variety of condition specific supplements designed to target key issues inside the body. Trouble sleeping? Sore joints? Stressed out? SunDita® products can help.

When it comes to the vast world of nutritional supplements we believe that careful thought, pure ingredients, dedicated research, and expert formulation create superior products. From the early writings of Greek physician Hippocrates (468-377 B.C.), to the latest findings from the world’s top research universities, the use of herbal and other natural products to support issues within the body is well-documented. In fact many of the products you see on the shelves at your local drugstore share a historical connection with an individual herb or nutrient.

SunDita® has developed a line of products that help target the health and normal functioning of specific areas within the body. Often times, individuals take supplements before a problem occurs to maintain their wellness, understanding that certain nutrients play a positive role in the overall quality of their health. A perfect example of this is can be witnessed by the troves of research surrounding Omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3s, (EPA and DHA especially) have been shown to play a vital role in numerous processes inside the body, from promoting cardiovascular health to supporting cognitive functions and joint health, scientific research has shown our body relies heavily on these essential fatty acids.While some nutrients are easy to acquire through a healthy diet, others can prove to be more difficult to come by.

With our fast-paced and modern lifestyles, we often find ourselves struggling to meet our dietary goals. Supplements can help the body utilize the beneficial properties of items that we may not ingest on a regular basis, filling in “nutritional-gaps” and fortifying the body with a healthy balance. Every person is unique with their own specific nutritional needs and health goals in their life. If you would like to know more about an individual product or if you would like suggestions regarding how a product may help you, feel free to contact us and one of our Health Specialists will be glad to assist you.


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