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Vitality for Men

Vitality for Men Experience the Incredible Difference!*

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  • Natural Ingredients with Centuries of Traditional Use*
  • Helps Promote Healthy Libido*
  • Gently Helps Boost Energy and Reduce Stress*

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  • Vitality for Men


    South American Maca is a cruciferous root could positively affect thyroid function.

    Some experts believe that maca may be able to stimulate the body to produce its own hormones more adequately.

    Men taking maca have noticed positive results in regards to overall sexual health, sexual desire and libido. Epimedium contains chemicals which might help increase blood flow and improve sexual function.

    It is believed that the active component in epimediumis icariin, a compound that helps promote nitric oxide levels, helping relax blood vessels and allowing for increased blood flow throughout the body.

    Yohimbe has been shown to help promote healthy sexual performance, and support healthy libido in men. Studies have suggested that Yohimbe may help male impotence by supporting key neurotransmitters, and acting as a vasodialator, increasing blood flow.

    L-Theanine (as L-TeaActive®) is commonly referred to as “nature’s stress blocker”, is a natural amino acid derived from green tea.

    Research suggests that it helps reduce mental stress by increasing production of alpha waves in the brain. Caffeine is a stimulant

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