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Ancient Liver Protecting Extract Recently Discovered in East Asia
Matthew P.

In the past, the main supplement that has been used for treating liver problems is Milk Thistle. Milk Thistle is a European thistle that is commonly used in herbal medicine. The plant can grow to 2 meters high and was carried to North America by its early settlers. It contains an active ingredient known as Silymarin – a group of flavonoids which are beneficial in repairing the liver cells. Silymarin is also contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Other benefits that Milk Thistle has shown to have help prevent diabetes, lower cholesterol levels and also prevent gallstones.

Even though the Milk Thistle is a great supplement used for liver health, recent studies have turned its sights on a particular, ancient tree that has been shown to help the liver health – even more than that of the Milk Thistle. The Japanese Raisin Tree (a.k.a the Oriental Raisin Tree, or Hovenia Dulcis) is an extremely rare tree that’s found in China, Korea, Japan and the Himalayas. The tree can grow from ten to thirty meters tall, and contains particular properties that are extremely beneficial for the human body – particularly the liver.

This isn’t just your average Raisin tree, however. The Raisins have been used in Chinese Medicine for hundreds of years, and the medicinal properties are so beneficial for the body that it’s slowly making its way to Western Medicine. The tea that comes from brewing the leaves and bark of the Japanese Raisin tree is commonly used as a hang-over cure. The effect that the tea had on hang-overs is so effective that the Korean FDA approved it as a treatment for alcoholism in 2008.

The Hovenia Dulcis is shown to contain a natural chemical known as Dihydromyricetin (DHM) or Ampelopsin which is extremely beneficial for the liver. This specific chemical is the reason why it’s such an effective hang-over cure. However, not only does it battle the effects of a hang-over, but it also protects the liver from damage that’s caused by alcohol.

It also contains Quercetin, which is particularly useful for antiviral and anti-inflammation purposes. Quercetin is a flavonol that is found in certain fruits, grains, vegetables and leaves. In addition to the antiviral and anti-inflammation qualities, Quercetin has shown to have anti-histamine qualities as well as relieving multiple body illnesses such as Eczema.

Currently, the only product on the market that contains properties of both the Milk Thistle and the Japanese Raisin Tree is BluCetin Liver Health & Immune Support Formula. Not only does BluCetin contain pure-extracts from both of these substances which helps promote liver health, detoxification and alcohol metabolism – but it also contains Vitamin C that benefits your immune system and provides free radical protection to help maintain the overall nutritional balance of your body.


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