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BluCetin Spirited Lifestyle

24 packs with New ‘Quick-Melt’ Technology Fresh Mint Flavor – ‘On-the-Go’ Detox Support

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  • Helps replenish vital nutrients and antioxidants when you need them most, so you can enjoy your spirited lifestyle.*
  • New and innovative “Quick Melt” chewables, in refreshing mint flavor – designed to help support better absorption.*
  • Ultra-pure Dihydromyricetin (98%-DHM as BluCetin), a natural flavanoid and antioxdant derived from the legendary Oriental Raisin Tree.
  • Vitamin C for free radical defense and immune support with key electrolytes to help maintain the body’s natural balance of fluids.*
  • 24 BluCetin “On the Go” packs and FREE Insider’s Health Guide: Liver Health and Hangover Solutions.

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  • BluCetin Spirited Lifestyle

  • BLUCETIN “ON-THE-GO”: Take 2 quick-melt tablets (10 to 30 minutes) before and 2 tablets (10 to 30 minutes) after consuming alcohol or other potential.

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