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​Tips for a Safe, Fun and Healthy Super Bowl Party
Linda May-Zhang, PhD


The time has come again – it’s almost Super Bowl Sunday! Whether you like football or not, Super Bowl Sunday is always a good excuse to get together with family or friends for fun and food, and it is one of the only times everyone loves watching commercials too. However, this year’s event may look a bit different from the previous years. Are you wondering how to host a safe and healthy Super Bowl party without limiting the fun? We’ve rounded up some tips to make Super Bowl Sunday this year both safe and a blast!

Cozy up and watch the game outside or on the patio.

Being outdoors with social distancing is probably the best way to have a safer Super Bowl gathering. Make sure to have cozy blankets handy to ensure your guests stay warm. Alternatively, you may have several “watching” stations, such as hosting a small group on the patio as well as one indoors, leaving guests a variety of options.

Host a virtual party that’s just as much fun.

Gathering virtually is the safest but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun! You can still be in the presence of one another. Watch the game individually while having a group chat or screenshare to chat and cheer together.

Sport a game-themed outfit to show you’re ready to party.

Even if your favorite team isn’t playing, you can still wear a game-themed outfit to be festive. You can wear team colors to support the team you want to win!

Decorate, even for virtual parties.

Throwing up a few decorations always helps with the atmosphere. Team colors, banners, football shaped garlands. You may consider decorating the space behind you or applying a virtual game-themed filter to add some fun to a virtual party.

Establish house rules for guests to ensure safety and transparency.

Be clear in advance what the house rules are, if you choose to host a gathering. Some guests may have a different level of tolerance than others, or may opt not to attend if rules are not in place. You may consider asking everyone to sit six feet part, wear masks when not eating or drinking, or set an occupancy limit for indoors. It is always better when everyone is on the same page.

Have sanitizing stations.

Make sure to provide hand sanitizer throughout common areas as well as paper towels for bathrooms. This will limit the number of germs that may get spread around between people via touching.

Provide food as individual fun-sized portions.

Instead of having guests pass around a bowl of chips or clustering around an open tray, consider preparing food in ready-made portions that guests can easily grab and go.Ideas include individual bagged snacks, wrapped sliders or tacos, individual meat and cheese platters, or ice cream bars as dessert. Consider offering healthy options such as fruit or vegetable cups for the health-conscious guest. Another idea is to limit the number of guests that can stock their plate in the kitchen and require masks.

Fire up the grill.

Using an outdoor grill is one way to keep food coming and also provide an outdoor space to interact with guests. Grilling also offers healthier alternatives than fried foods. Some tasty food suggestions are chicken wings or drumsticks, corn on the cob, or vegetable skewers that can be immediately served individually to guests once cooked.

Have plenty of alcohol on hand.

Dry January is officially over! Game time means alcohol time for many, so stock up on beer and cocktails! However, avoid drinking alcohol too fast and consider taking a supplement to help with alcohol metabolism and aid in liver detox. Make sure guests have a designated driver so they can get home safely after the festivities. Some guests may not be beer-drinkers, so consider making a tasty cocktail for your guests, such as a mint mojito. The recipe is simple: a shot of white rum, club soda, lime juice, mint leaves and a pinch of stevia to taste!

Have fun other than football.

Watching the game may be exhilarating but not everyone can hold their attention. Plan to have other activities such as cornhole, online games for virtual parties, or Superbowl Bingo.

As we are counting down the final days before Super Bowl Sunday, consider our list of tips as you prepare your virtual party or small gathering. While it may feel a bit different celebrating this year, it’s important to remember to make the most of what you can. Have a safe and fun time!

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Dr. Linda May-Zhang has over 10 years of research experience in nutrition, chronic diseases and pharmacology. She has published over 20 peer-reviewed academic papers in scientific journals. She is also a science writer with a passion for educating the lay public.


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